Fables EP

by Mik

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released March 14, 2016


all rights reserved



Mik Denver, Colorado

Girl, 27, store clerk by day, comics writing hermit and reclusive composer by night. Hails from the weird, lovely city of Denver, Colorado.

When not composing dramatic tunes and humorously angsty mini-comics, can be found getting lost in Wikipedia tangents, aspiring to be a space pirate, and eating way too many jelly candies.
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Track Name: Nameless
Fitting the locks on another story's throat.
I cut the lines that Hades spoke.
Sickly circles curve out my mind
and I'm
falling out of Time.

So bend the lies of logic humming,
humming deep beneath this running,
this pacing out of simple wanting
back in the restless urge born of purposeless gain.
Remember when you knew your name.
Forget the lies recall the
"once upon a time"s that sparked
flickers in your mind,
that built this dream's flame.

Sitting perfect in this
Lovecraftian horror.
I wanted to slip through
the game that we faltered.
Play a maze out of
make believe
beneath the strain of this
daily plane of common fears and
wishing that
we weren't here.
Track Name: Absence
I don't want to go,
I don't want to leave.
But I don't want to stay here
in the middle of the same old thing.
Can you tell me what I'm looking for?
No, of course you can't.
Why do I ask for someone to read
my mind, my heart
time and time again?

So what is this story?
Another absentminded fool's longing?
In the middle of a season in that
time between time itself.

And that's the problem with living a routine
so temporary.
Every time it changes, you're tricked into
an endless inquiry.
And forget the static sanctuary
where the things that matter remain concrete.
Track Name: Doppleganger
I think I've looking for
what home means anymore.
And I think I've been running,
running from you
though I don't want to.
Look how foolish this is
to hold to such clear contradictions,
running these parallels of existence.
I think I've been waiting
for someone to turn on the lights
and quit this fading,
for someone to bring back my sight
and burn the lies off.
Doff a cap to foolish questions
and fool's errand,
leave them biting dust and

Sink your teeth into this
heavy echo
the back of dreaming
when will you answer me
When will I answer myself

So here I keep tearing
through this faulted castle of follies.
Lingering for something
that will undo this anomaly
of self-silencing arguments
writ by a fool's mouth
trying to forget.
"How can you tear your own soul
so willingly?"
says the doppelganger
in the looking-glass above the sink.

So cut your teeth into this
heavy echo
the back of dreaming.
when will you answer me
When will I answer myself
Track Name: 21 Years
Bit by the wind and
kicking out the back window
A reckless hero
running rebel trails
Up back alleys and
urban woods
Starting fires in the middle of
ramen shop blues
Heartshot riots in between
all these stories

Took 21 years
to build these dreams
Growing slow between my ears
Pushing me to flee the scene
And follow this homegrown epic
Chasing faith and
open roads, wordless connections
What is life but another narrative

Took to the streets
following this night parade
This calvacade of scripted fables
and forgotten change
Looking for the concrete soul
to make the city's bones our own
Building amplitude in telephone wires
Peeling the mood off city spires

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